Monday, May 21, 2007

Bathing Suit (A Happy Post)

I've had bathing suits on the brain lately. It's about to get hot, and I plan on spending a large part of the coming summer in the water: at the toddler pool, at swimming lessons, at the beach. So I've been assessing my options.

I've been salivating over this suit for a couple of months now. It's sexy and sassy and it's the kind of suit that makes a woman wish she had the curves to fill it out (I am fortunate in that department). But I just can not bring myself to pay $100 (with shipping) for it. I realize that this is the going rate for a suit not purchased Target, Old Navy or the Gap, but I am just too inherently cheap and guilty to pay that. I could get suits for the whole family with $100! God, I sound just like my mother. (No offense, Mom. You know what I mean). I've been scoping out Ebay and local vintage clothing shops for something similar, but haven't had much luck.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I walked into Marshall's on a bra run, and ran smack into a black, halter neck, retro-flavored skirted suit in my size. I grabbed a few of the other 1-piece options for good measure, along with my bra selection, and headed for the fitting room.

For the first time since puberty, I tried on a bathing suit, and I smiled. That's how awesome this suit is. The halter top is flattering and supportive, the little skirt is flirty and hides a multitude of sins, and the overall look is '50s and fun. Exactly what I was looking for. That never happens!

I am always afraid of looking matronly in bathing suits, (why do bathing suit designers assume that only grandmothers want 1-pieces?) and have always avoided the skirted kind for that reason alone. But this suit has nary a whiff of mothballs, and I figure the tattoos help in that department, too.

So, I am positively giddy over my $40 Marshall's windfall. I guess I have to stop talking shit about the place, now. I wish you the same luck on your bathing suit quest this year, because every woman deserves to smile in the fitting room.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To Violet, On Her 2nd Birthday

Dear Violet,

Today you are two! TWO!!

When someone asks you how old you are, you hold up five fingers and shout "two!" Then you whisper, "I eat marshmallows!" That's all you want for your birthday: Marshmallows. And I can't wait to give them to you.

The day you were born, it was sunny and gorgeous, just like today. I told you that two years ago to the day, you

came out of Mama's belly, a tiny, black-haired little squiggle. And you said, "Noooo - I not a squiggle! I Violet!"

And we laughed about that.

It is two days past your actual birthday now, Sunday evening. We had all our friends, plus grandparents, uncles, and aunties over for a celebration. You ate your weight in marshmallows. You were a kind and flirty hostess, and you had a great time.

I want to thank you for being so sweet-natured, Violet. Your even-keeled temperament and generous disposition are by far your best qualities (and you have a lot wonderful qualities) - they stand out, even to strangers. Thank you for welcoming all your friends and family into our house with a smile, and sharing all of your new birthday toys without even getting a chance to play with them. Thank you for letting Hazel help you with the wrapping paper. Thank you for being you.

The last few months have been a time of great change - before our eyes, you have become a bonafide kid. You speak in 10 and 12 word sentences now, run like the wind, and have no fear. No fear. You stomp around the house singing "OOOOhhhhh, the life of a pirate for me!" and are happy to play Captain Hook to Hazel's Peter Pan. You read quietly in the corner. You sleep peacefully with your beloved polka dot blankie jammed in your nose , and when you wake up, you beam like the sun. You want to swing "supah high!" at the park. You want to go to preschool with Hazel. You are in love with Wallie. You count to 20 and you sing your ABCs. You love Diego and the Little Einsteins. You love to help me make dinner. You finger paint like a badass. I am amazed by all the things you can do.

It's hard not to think of you as my baby, even though you went so far as to potty train yourself last week, just to prove your independence. "I no want weah dipuh," you announced, after using the potty for the first time on Thursday. So you just... stopped peeing in a diaper. And by Friday, we were taking you around town with no diaper, and no accidents. Who does that?!? We've pumped about a pound of marshmallows in you to as "incentive," but you don't need them. Cuz you're awesome.


It is now Monday night. Three days have passed since your birthday, and I am just now getting around to writing about it. I'm sorry, Vi. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and you don't get the attention I'd like to give you - even on this blog. But I love you so very, very much, and feel so blessed and lucky to have a daughter like you - so peaceful and funny and smart and sassy. I am grateful for you, and unconditional the love you've brought to our family, especially your love for your big sister. You care for Hazel in a way that is miraculous to me, and I thank you for that, Violet. It means more to me than you will ever know. Seeing you imitate her, be patient with her, hang on her every word, and share your treasures with her, melts my heart. Seeing you two girls scheme and giggle and shriek makes me think that I must be doing something right.

Happy Birthday, Violet, and many more to come. Dada, Hazel and I love you so very much; more than you love marshmallows! And that's a lot.


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Friday, May 04, 2007

My Genius Children

Hazel is learning how to read: sounding words out, learning which letter combinations make which sounds. She knows what "ch" sounds like, as well as "ou" and "sh," etc. The one that confuses her is "oo" because as often as it sounds like "scoot" it also sounds like "book." You know? Yesterday, she asked:

"Mama? Why does "b-o-o-k" spell "book?" Why doesn't it spell "bouquet?"

Get it?




Violet decided she's ready to start pottytraining. She's been walking around the house diaper-less for a while now, and asking for a diaper when she's got to go. So, she's got the physical part down. Yesterday, she decided that she had the mental readiness, too, so she sat on the potty and peed. Twice. And twice so far today.

She's not even 2 yet! (7 more days)