Thursday, February 07, 2008


Hazel's bug turned into a full-blown ear infection, which kept her up until 2 this morning. After hours of crying and moaning and tossing and turning, we finally just got her out of bed and plunked her down in front of Noggin (24 hours! YAY!), while we dealt with the confusing maze that is our new insurance company. When push came to shove, the best they could do for us was call in a prescription for ear drops that we could pick up at the 24 hour pharmacy at 4 a.m. We passed. Hazel finally fell asleep, thankfully, and we got her checked out this morning.

The cold that I caught mutated into a nasty sinus infection while I was caring for Hazel in the wee hours. Have you ever had a sinus infection? This one's the first for me, and holy shit, I hope it's the last. The pain! The congestion! It feels like a 300 pound man is sitting on my head. I was treated for that this morning, as well as shiny new case of bronchitis! I truly don't think I have ever been this sick. It's nas-ty.

Will you pray for me, if you believe in such things? Because with two sick kids and a beast of an infection myself, I'm not sure how we're going to make it through the afternoon.