Monday, May 21, 2007

Bathing Suit (A Happy Post)

I've had bathing suits on the brain lately. It's about to get hot, and I plan on spending a large part of the coming summer in the water: at the toddler pool, at swimming lessons, at the beach. So I've been assessing my options.

I've been salivating over this suit for a couple of months now. It's sexy and sassy and it's the kind of suit that makes a woman wish she had the curves to fill it out (I am fortunate in that department). But I just can not bring myself to pay $100 (with shipping) for it. I realize that this is the going rate for a suit not purchased Target, Old Navy or the Gap, but I am just too inherently cheap and guilty to pay that. I could get suits for the whole family with $100! God, I sound just like my mother. (No offense, Mom. You know what I mean). I've been scoping out Ebay and local vintage clothing shops for something similar, but haven't had much luck.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I walked into Marshall's on a bra run, and ran smack into a black, halter neck, retro-flavored skirted suit in my size. I grabbed a few of the other 1-piece options for good measure, along with my bra selection, and headed for the fitting room.

For the first time since puberty, I tried on a bathing suit, and I smiled. That's how awesome this suit is. The halter top is flattering and supportive, the little skirt is flirty and hides a multitude of sins, and the overall look is '50s and fun. Exactly what I was looking for. That never happens!

I am always afraid of looking matronly in bathing suits, (why do bathing suit designers assume that only grandmothers want 1-pieces?) and have always avoided the skirted kind for that reason alone. But this suit has nary a whiff of mothballs, and I figure the tattoos help in that department, too.

So, I am positively giddy over my $40 Marshall's windfall. I guess I have to stop talking shit about the place, now. I wish you the same luck on your bathing suit quest this year, because every woman deserves to smile in the fitting room.



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