Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good Things

So far, 31 is a nice age to be. Everyone in the house is over their cold/ickyness. Mike is home from Japan, and over the jeg-lag. And we got a new reading chair in the living room, which is bright red, which I love.

I'm blogging a lot over at Strollerderby, and really enjoying it. It is strangely liberating to have a legitimate excuse for ignoring the kids. Also, after four years? It feels pretty good to bringing home some bacon. I'm loving Babble, too - even if I wasn't working for them, I'd be reading it every day - it's just cool. A little (self-promoting) taste:

The Family Bed: I'm Over It - And Now, So Is She!

Personae Urbana

Katie Holmes Is A Freak

I'm also going to be posting at Silicon Valley Moms Blog and Maya's Mom, soon - so check them out! This blogging gig is suddenly, unexpectedly, turning into something more than just a pleasant diversion; it's something I love to do. I didn't realize it, but I'd been missing that. I've missed having, and doing, something that's for me, that's mine. All mine.

Hazel's preschool class has started dividing into "kindergarten groups," doing more concentrated and specific activities involving simple math or comprehension skills, in preparation for kindergarten. She loves it. She says "it's more like real school!" which tells me that she may be more ready for kindergarten than we thought. She has grown visibly taller than all but one of her friends, and is trying to grow her hair down to her butt. She wants to start taking singing lessons. She's so... big.

Violet's vocabulary has exploded; she's speaking in 4 and 5 word sentences now! She makes little jokes, and sings songs. She comes to me crying and says "Bonk my head, Mama," and she comes to me laughing, saying "'Hazel hide, me seek!" She refers to her self as Violetta ("Dilleta") and she says something new, and charming, every day.

Right now, life is really good. Mellow, quiet, restful. Everyone is happy. And that's a good thing.


Anonymous JIll said...

We can't wait to see your posts on Silicon Valley Moms Blog! Welcome!

Jill Asher
Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog

2:43 PM  
Anonymous cry it out! said...

You're doing a great job at stroller derby! And don't let some nutwad elsewhere ruin your great days!

10:33 PM  

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