Sunday, October 29, 2006


Dear Hazel,

Happy Birthday! Today you are four. You. Are. Four!

You are so big! Every ounce of your toddler plumpness has stretched and curved into muscle and grace; I love watching your long legs swish on the playground, and your thin arms fold into themselves in your sleep. You are tall and wispy and strong as a tree.

You are so present, Hazel -- wherever you are, you are there, 100 percent. Nothing gets by you. You take in everything, everywhere we go -- sights, smells, sounds. It is amazing, to watch you navigate this life so deliberately, so intensely. You are, at four years old, a student of the world.

You talk regularly about how lucky you are, to have your friends. You love them so much. Every day, during Violet's nap, you embark upon elaborate art projects, each one dedicated "to Molly and Maddy, my best friends." You and Daisy have a new tradition of hugging hello. You call Alice your "baby friend" and you hug and kiss her freely each time you see her. You make them so many cards, paintings, drawings and collages. You call them on the phone. They are your family. You adore them, and it is just a joy to see.

You and your little sister are becoming better friends every day, too. You play together, and scheme together (Violet is always a willing accomplice), and talk each other to sleep. Violet is always hot on your heels, and some days you love that, others, not so much. You love and pester each other, you push and kiss, kick and cuddle. I feel so happy that you will always have each other.

You are full of opinions, and "why?"s, full of reasons and questions. You love to argue. You love to challenge. You talk, and talk, and talk... and talk... and you are always thinking. You are four going on twenty-four, and you have the self-awareness of someone three times that age. You are, above all else, your own person. You are a firecracker. You are awesome.

Together, you and your sister are the heart and soul of our family, and we love watching you grow, and change, and learn. With each passing year, you are more beautiful, and more fun.

Dada, Violet and I wish you the happiest of birthdays, you big, growing-up girl, and many happy returns.

I love you, Hazel! You're four!



Anonymous Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Hazel! You sound like an amazing four-year-old.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Ms. Crazy said...

Oh, tears.

What a beautiful tribute to such a fabulous four-year-old girl.

Happy birthday Hazel!

6:14 PM  
Blogger lesley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to little HAZEL!! Growing up so fast and brilliantly!

5:33 AM  
Blogger Debbi said...

Happy birthday Hazel from your fellow Scorpion and Cousin Hannah. (whose mommy and daddy send big love too!!!) Hugs and Smooches.

3:57 PM  
Blogger ECR said...

Happy Birthday, Hazel. And happy parental anniversary, mom. You all sound like quite a team.

5:20 PM  
Blogger happygal said...

What a wonderful letter!
Happy Birthday, Haze...

I know I'm going to to be bawling my eyes out when mine turns 4.
They're big girls now...

6:26 AM  

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