Saturday, August 26, 2006

'Round the house girls: Snippets

At the park...

Hazel: "Look, little one! I found a stick, and you didn't find anything."
Violet: "Buh!"
Hazel: "What? Oooh, you see a bird! In the tree!"
Violet: "Tee!"
Hazel: "Well... I have a stick. And sticks are better than trees. They're more... stick-ish."

In their bedroom...

Hazel: "I don't know where your baby is, little one. Ask your mom."
Violet: "Mom?"
Hazel: "That's right, little one. Go find Mom."
Violet: "Mom?"
Hazel: "Stop saying what I say, like that!"
Violet: "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommmmmamamamamamammom?"
Hazel: "I said, stop that!"
Violet: "Dot dat!"
Hazel: "Mawww-mawww, Violet won't stop copying me!"
Violet: "... Mom?"

In the bathroom...

Hazel: "Look, little one! I pee in the toilet."
Violet: "Puh."
Hazel: "And then, I wipe."
Violet: "Wuh."
Hazel: "And then I flush."
Violet: "AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh! Maaaamaaaa!"

Playing hide and seek...

Violet: "Haze-uh, hi?"
Me: "Is Hazel hiding from you, Violet?"
Violet: "Haze-uh, hi!"
Me: "Yep, she's hiding. Go find her!"
Violet, wandering away: "Haaaaze-uh? Haaaaaaaaaze-uh?"
Hazel, from inside the closet: "Little one! I'm in here!"
Violet, chanting with excitement: "Haze-uh, Haze-uh, Haze-uh!"
Hazel, popping out of the closet: "You found me, little one! Good job!"
Violet: "Haze-uh!!... Muh hi?"
Hazel: "You want more hiding, little one?"
Violet: "Muh hi!"
Hazel: "Okay, this time, you hide."
Violet covers her face with her hands, Hazel pretends to look for her.
Violet: "Boo!"
Hazel and Violet: "Yaaaayyyy!!"


Blogger ECR said...

Those two are so lucky to have each other...and to have you as mom, of course.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Ms. Crazy said...

They are so fucking adorable, I want to cry.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Debbi said...

So you thinking of changing your name to something they can't pronounce cause I know that MMMAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAA!!! Has gotta be grating on your last nerve. My house the chatter is more like this.
Hannah: Momma, will you play Mario with me.
Me: Hannah, Mommy is terrible at video games.
Hannah: Gary will you play Mario with me.
Gary: Okay Hannah give me the controller.
Hannah: Momma Gary is magic with Mario. He got to the water.
Me: (clueless) That's nice, sweetie.
Gary: Here you go, snotface, gotta run Jessie and I are going out.
Hannah: (making sad pouty face) OK.
Door closes.
Hannah: Momma will you play Mario with me.
Me: Hannah mommy stinks at video games.
Hannah: No mommy you are good, just not magic like Gary.
Me: Why's Gary so magic?
Hannah: (beaming) cause he's my big brother, silly.

Best part of spacing children 18 years apart. They never fight over toys or me. LOL.

7:16 PM  

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