Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oh, Sweet Purgative Sunshine!

For too long thou hast deprived us of thine splendor!

Seriously, with all this heat and weather, it's like getting unlimited free sessions with the best therapist I've ever seen. The sun is strong and hot, the legs are bare, and the feet sandaled. The shoulders are brown (me and Hazel), and freckled (Mike and Violet) from spending our afternoons watering plants and eating popsicles at the park. The summer clothes have come down from the top rack of the closet and the sweaters and jackets have been packed up for next year. We even went to a baseball game this past weekend. If that doesn't scream "spring is upon us!", I don't know what does.

Last year's barely potty-trained 2.5 year old is teaching her younger sister all the tricks of the toilet ("You put your bum in the hole, Violet! You won't fall in, but you have to HOLD ON!") The little chick hatched just last May has emerged this month on two solid, stout legs, walking laps around our little house, yammering to herself about this and that. The day before yesterday we found her in the backyard, chatting with the nasturtiums she was eating. There wasn't any film in the camera that day.

Much as I look forward to a little cool weather in the fall and rain in the California "winter", by the time spring rolls around, I am starving for natural warmth, and the smell of grass, and my skin itches to warm itself in the sun. May has only just arrived, and yet I feel like I've been waiting for it for ages; waiting for the day when I wake up and know that the day will be bright and clear. Life feels lighter on those days, like anything is possible.


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Oh God yes. I always thought therapists should take May for vacation instead of August, because who wants to kill themselves in May?

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