Monday, October 10, 2005


Kicking off the holiday travel season, Violet and I just spent three days visiting our friends in Portland. I love Portland. We really should live there. Why don't we live there?! It's green, gorgeous, hippie, progressive, kid-friendly and practically overrun with young families. It is so my kind of town. We stayed in our friends'new house, which is really nice, and met some of their local friends, including the gorgeous CityMama, and her gorgeous family, and the sweet and lovely AfrindieMum and her lovely ones. We ate indulgently and drank to excess, and Violet rewarded me with a late morning sleep both Saturday and Sunday mornings. We spent some time at Powell's, the best bookstore on the planet. We did some shopping (I got a kick-ass pair of black and red Converse). We napped. It was so nice to spend some downtime with Violet, just two of us. We've never done that before; not since we left the hospital following her birth, anyway. I came back home feeling rested and happy.


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Blogger Debbi said...

Portland is nice. Joel's sister lives there. I loved Oregon and so want to move there. Maybe someday. I prefer the coast though. I could have stayed at Cannon Beach forever. I was mesmerized.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

Hugs -- Cousin Deedee

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Brother Tim said...

You neglected to mention that it is cheap too. By cheap I mean I don't need the GNP of Portugal to afford a two bedroom flop. I would miss the weather, but the roof and walls should take care of that...Hmm...Portland.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Alisyn said...

Good point, Tim. It's also mad cheap! I took a walk in our friends' neighborhood, and saw a 3 bed/3 bath updated, landscaped Craftsman house in a fab neighborhood for $270K. WTF?? Now that's livin'!

9:25 PM  

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