Tuesday, August 23, 2005


We've got two sick girls over here. Hazel started feeling bad on Saturday, and has had a low grade fever, no appetite and cranky pants since Sunday morning. Last night she had Mike up from 2:30 to 5. Violet woke up from her nap this afternoon screaming uncontrollably, then projectile vomited all over our bedroom. She seems O.K. now, but I've learned the hard way that where there's barf, there's... more barf. Yep, I called the doctor. She can't see us until tomorrow.


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Anonymous Debbi said...

Hey Ali: Sorry to hear the girlies are pukey. MIL told me about the blog so I could be in the loop. It's great and I love the pics of Hazel and Violet. I //heart them and I am not close enough to eat their chubber cheeks. Give love to Mike and hugs to you both while you get through the sickies. -- Love -- Cousin Deedee in NJ. ps (Bad spam bloggers are yucky)

7:39 PM  
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