Monday, August 22, 2005

Movin' On Up - Lynch Style

Our dear, sweet, wonderful friends, the Lynchs, moved from San Mateo to Portland one week ago, today. They had been in the process of moving (packing, having goodbye dinners and parties, giving away their liquor and condiments, saying goodbyes) for a long time, but a week ago today, they finally, actually left.

Like so many before them, our friends are clearing out of Cali and moving up to where the land is cheap and the houses are big. I certainly don't begrudge them the golden opportunity to buy themselves a house - it is becoming increasingly ridiculous to even think about buying one here - but I wish they hadn't gone so far. These friends, this adorable family, were the warm, gooey center of our little tribe of friends. They've only been gone one week, and I know that all of us already feel their absence acutely. We'll survive without them, yes, but it won't be the same. And not just because we have to start organizing, hosting, baking, shopping and entertaining for ourselves now that Megan isn't here to do it all for us. :)

The Lynch family has played a huge part in our lives this last year. This family saved Mike and I from a boring, friendless life in the suburbs. Thanks to them, we have become part of a tribe of moms, dads and little girls that we love and value and consider our local family. They gave that to us; they invited us in and for that, and for a million other reasons, we love them.

I'm thinking of the Lynch family a lot these days. I'm thinking of how excited Starry and Charley will be to paint their new bedroom. I'm thinking of how much Starry is going to love preschool, and how well she'll adjust to it. I'm thinking of how Charley's vocabulary is going to explode this fall, and that the next time I see her, she'll be talking up a storm. I'm thinking of how well Chris will do at his new job, and the new friends everyone will make, and the new parks and museums and restaurants they'll explore. I'm thinking of how exciting it is to make a new house into a home, and how warm and welcoming Megan will make theirs.

Congratulations, Lynch family! We are so excited and happy for you. We can't wait to come and trash the new place. We love you guys so much.