Friday, July 08, 2005

Family Dance

We've had a lot of company in our house this past week. My grandma (Haze and Vi's great grandma) hitched a ride up here from So. Cal last Saturday, the same day that two of my three brothers (Haze and Vi's Uncle Ty and Uncle Kyle) came up for a quick visit. Uncle Ty and Uncle Kyle left late Saturday night and my mom (Hazel and Vi's Nane)and grandpa (Haze and Vi's great grandpa) arrived Tuesday afternoon. Are you keeping up with this so far? The great grandparents took off, after a great visit, on Thursday morning. Friday night, my stepdad (Haze and Vi's Papa) arrived, and Sunday morning, Nane and Papa will take off, leaving us with the-day-after-Christmas-letdown-feeling in mid July.

I've been thinking a lot this week about how very lucky Haze and Vi are to have such a big, loving, awesome family. I mean, to have great grandparents spry enough to come and visit them is such a rarity - it's practically unheard of! And they have FIVE of them! Four great grandmas - Renie, Mary, Barb and Renee - and one great grandpa, Fred, who love them, call them, play with them and treasure them. And four grandparents who spoil them rotten with visits, presents and best of all, their undivided attention. Top it all off with four uncles who think their little nieces are the bees knees, and you've got two little girls who are lucky indeed.


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