Friday, July 08, 2005

The Best Days of Our Lives

So they say. Right? These are the salad days, of which I preminsce no return - the days of wine and roses. The days of picnics and pajamas, spit up and sandals, breast milk and best friends. I've created this blog to serve as a chronicle of these, the best (and sometimes the worst) days of our lives; as an online journal for myself; as a virtual baby book for Violet, who, let's face it, won't have half the baby book her older sister does; and as a place for far away family members to visit when they want to see what Hazel and Violet are up to. I have fantasies of looking back on these posts years from now and wondering where the time went, remembering good times and good friends, and little girls who won't be little much longer. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Long live the salad days!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have completed my readings.
Thanks to Kyle for hooking me up yet once again...
I truely enjoyed letter writing, wont give it up completely...but must move technicaly on..
Beautiful writing..

3:34 PM  

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